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Our team’s diverse background in business operations and mental health provides a good foundation for your organizational needs. Together we tear down communication barriers and break silos to improve working relationships. We also help you identify areas where you can improve your business practices and policies in the mental health field.

For groups and businesses, we offer:  

  • Dynamic team workshops and activities to improve business interactions
  • Expert advice to improve mental health practices and business operations
  • Business Coaching
  • Business Consulting
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Customized Trainings Available


Elevating Your Leadership Skills: Managing and Fostering Teams for Success

This interactive corporate training provides practical tools and strategies to help managers mindfully lead their teams to foster innovation, build a culture of high performance, and make key decisions that positively impact organizational growth. Managers will learn how to effectively communicate and manage team dynamics, provide feedback, and gain insight into how they show up as a leader.

Adapt for Success: Empowering Employees to Navigate Change

This interactive corporate training program provides employees with the tools and techniques to become more adaptive in the workplace. Through various activities and exercises, participants will learn how to identify and adjust to changes, as well as gain an understanding of how to remain successful in an ever-changing environment. This training will empower employees to embrace change and foster a culture of agility and adaptation.

 Stress Management Strategies for the Workplace: A Mindful Solution

This interactive corporate training provides employees with the tools and resources to recognize, reduce and manage their stress in the workplace. It focuses on mindfulness-based techniques and stress management strategies and also provides a safe and supportive environment for participants to practice these strategies. This training helps employees develop the skills to manage stress effectively in the workplace.

Rethink Your To-Do List: Busyness vs. Productivity

This interactive corporate training will provide practical tools and engaging activities to help participants recognize when they are not being productive and develop strategies to increase productivity while incorporating mindfulness. Participants will learn the differences between busyness and productivity. Through role-playing, group discussions, and other activities, participants will gain the knowledge to recognize their own patterns of behavior and create better habits to achieve their goals.

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