7-Day Meditation Challenge: Self-Love

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In this 7-day meditation challenge we will focus on self-love.

Experience a transformative 7-Day Meditation Challenge for inner peace, self-transformation, and self-love. Throughout the challenge, you will receive daily guided meditations as well as a workbook with reflect assignments and resources.  Each day will have a different focus that will help you realign, center yourself, and reclaim your energy in 8-10 minutes a day. 

In this meditation challenge you will:

  • Discover the transformative power of meditation, experiencing deep relaxation, increased happiness, and inner peace.
  • Learn techniques to cultivate gratitude, strengthen relationships, and develop a deeper appreciation for life and your loved ones.
  • Master the art of managing your emotions with ease and grace, effectively reducing stress, anxiety, and worry.
  • Shift your perspective on life as you embrace a mindset of love, acceptance, and forgiveness, bringing greater clarity and harmony.
  • Envision and manifest the life you truly desire, finding balance, prioritizing self-care, and fostering personal growth along the way.

Who is this course for?

  • Those who yearn to cultivate greater peace of mind and find solace from the overwhelming stresses of life.
  • Those who want to gain a deeper understanding of your self-limiting beliefs, in order to embark on a journey of life empowerment, coaching, and self-discovery.
  • Those who are looking to reduce stress and anxiety, this course provides the tools and techniques to help you regain control and achieve a calmer state of being.
  • Those who are  interested in meditation, self-improvement, and self-healing, allowing you to unlock your full potential and embrace personal growth.

This 7-day meditation journey is for you if you’d like to…

  • Realign and center yourself: Rediscover inner balance and tranquility through guided meditations and reflective practices.
  • Reclaim your energy: Say goodbye to fatigue and reclaim your vitality as you connect with your inner source of power.
  • Recalibrate your thoughts: Transform negative thinking patterns into positive ones, fostering a mindset of clarity, focus, and optimism.
  • Start feeling better and enjoy life more: Experience a renewed sense of well-being, joy, and fulfillment as you incorporate meditation into your daily routine.
  • Dive into daily reflections: Embark on a transformative journey, exploring spirituality, introspection, forgiveness, restoration, advocacy, intentionality, and implementation across seven days.
  • Each day, immerse yourself in an 8-10 minute guided meditation, complemented by reflection writing prompts and bite-sized activities in your workbook. Plus, enjoy bonus features that enhance your meditation practice and support your personal growth.

Join us on this transformative path to unlock your full potential and live a life of harmony and purpose. Enroll now and embark on a 7-day journey that will positively impact your well-being and empower you to embrace a more fulfilling life.

Each day is dedicated to a different reflection.

Day 1: Spirituality

Day 2: Introspection

Day 3: Forgiveness

Day 4: Restoration

Day 5: Advocacy

Day 6: Intentionality

Day 7: Implementation

Along with Bonus features!

As you move through this purposeful sequence, you’ll notice a shift in how you feel, think, and behave. Obstacles will become opportunities.

And you don't need to stop at 7 days, these guided meditations are here for you whenever you need a refresh. We hope you'll join us!

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Meet The Coach


Life Coach


Nicole is an empowering Life Coach and Meditation Soundscape Artist who is dedicated to seeing sustainable transformation in her clients. She helps entrepreneurial-minded mothers to become more aware of their self-limiting beliefs in order to show up holistically for their businesses, family, and/ or jobs.

Nicole Barnett has a Bachelor's Degree in Communications from Wheelock College in Boston, MA. Her love of music has led her to perform positive, high-vibrational music in a band around the Greater Boston area at establishments such as the Boston Public Library, Institute of Contemporary Art, The Sinclair Music Hall and Sofar Sounds Boston.

Most recently became a part of an anthology project called Girl Get Up and Move! You are Enough!, it is a wonderful collection of stories of resilience, perseverance, and advice on how to emerge from where we are to where we want to be. In this book she discusses the power of Self-care  and wants to help empower women to live their best lives. That’s why she created this 7-Day Meditation Challenge. Combined with her love of music and passion of being a coach she wants to see women thrive as she has combined her talents into one.


$27 (Valued at $97)

Use Promotion Code: SELFLOVE

"Our goal is to help women unearth the roots of their emotional distresses and limiting beliefs so that they can free their mind and live a fulfilling life." - Edna