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Awake IntuMind helps women of color break free of old toxic patterns that result in poor physical and mental health, unsatisfied career paths, lack of money, and unhealthy relationships. We support women to achieve this freedom through our signature coaching and mental health services; so they can live a healthy, fulfilled, and balanced life that is in alignment with their life purpose.

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In this exciting challenge, Coach Nicole will guide you through powerful exercises, reflections, and practices that will help you cultivate a deep and unconditional love for yourself. It's time to prioritize your well-being, boost your self-confidence, and unleash your true potential!

Discover the joy of self-love and witness how it positively impacts every aspect of your life, from relationships to personal growth.

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“The secret to being happy resides in the unconscious conversations we have with ourselves. We teach you how to discover the internal conversations and consciously create your happiness.”
Edna Laurent-Tellus