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At Awake IntuMind, we take pride in being a women and minority-owned business. Our company values diversity and inclusivity, and we strive to create an environment that reflects these values for our team and clients. We believe that our diverse perspectives and experiences allow us to better serve our clients, offering them unparalleled solutions to their challenges. Our commitment to promoting equality and diversity extends to all aspects of our business, and we are honored to be a part of the women and minority-owned business community.

Our Values

We are committed to provide services that address the whole person. We improve our client’s quality of life by focusing on their individual strengths, and honoring their rights, wishes, and needs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to increase access to mental health and coaching services in diverse communities by providing holistic support that addresses the whole person, fostering healing, growth, and mindset shifts. We specialize in helping women rewrite their narratives and embrace their authenticity.

Our Vision

We aim to address the many different factors that can contribute to poor health starting with each individual's mindset.

Our Story

Awake IntuMind is the brainchild of Edna Laurent-Tellus. After 20 years of working within the mental health industry, she recognized that true health and happiness were only possible when the mind and body worked together as one. Awake IntuMind seeks to do just that – disrupt the status quo and elevate a new approach that treats the whole person and not just fragmented diagnoses.

At Awake IntuMind, we empower you to make significant changes that encourage healthy lifestyles and mindsets. With our groundbreaking team-based holistic approach, we help you to accomplish your goals and objectives by addressing the challenges that hinder your path. We look at how different factors such as mindsets, habits, and nutrition can affect the way you interact with the world.

Best of all, we are solution-based. Together with our team, you will develop coping skills and life tools to bring you closer to becoming your best self. Our purpose is to refocus your brain and energy towards creating the life you desire.

From coaching to therapy to consultations for health practices and businesses, Awake IntuMind provides services that will quickly get you on the right track.