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"The Brain is in control of our mindset, and our mindset determines the quality of our life."

– Edna Laurent-Tellus, A.I.M Founder/CEO


Brain health is the foundation of Edna’s coaching approach. Her passion is to help individuals understand how the health and function of their brain impact their life and behavior.  She helps people discover the hidden issues that hinder them from reaching their goals and living the life that they have always wanted. Edna helps people develop new habits and create healthier alternatives while equipping them with the coping skills and tools necessary to face whatever life throws at them.

Here, at Awake IntuMind, we believe that the brain is involved in everything in our life, including our mindset. So, your physical, mental, and spiritual health totally depends on the health of your brain. That is why we take a holistic approach by infusing mindset (more accurate brain-set) training in everything we do. 

We all know that without you having a healthy brain and becoming aware of the unconscious limiting beliefs that have been stopping you from achieving your goals in the first place and developing skills to overcome them, our work with you, no matter how amazing our content is, will be limited.


1:1 Brain Health Coaching 

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Edna received a Brain Health Coaching certification from the Amen Clinic

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